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Basic Poker Strategy – Playing Suited Connectors in No Limi

Today’s Texas Holdem Strategy is about there being a time and place for everything, especially suited connectors. From a poker strategy standpoint, not every seat or every bet in online poker or live poker is a good one for your suited connectors. What a poker player should be aware of is that some real money can be made, especially in no limit holdem, if these cards hit, but you can’t force it.

If you are seated in an early position with a 9h-10h, it is worth calling the blinds, but not much more. First of all, if you lucky enough to see the flop, you don’t want to do something like scare off your opponents with a big bet the early position. While it is never a bad poker strategy to knock folks out of the hand, if your suited connectors hit, you want a more than one poker player feeding the pot during the next few betting rounds. If before the flop one of your opponents raise behind you, your best Texas Hold’em strategy is to fold. Suited connectors don’t pay off that often, so they are not worth a big investment before the flop. If you are in the late position, and the players acting before you exercise their discretion by calling the blinds but not acting aggressively, call the blinds as well and see the flop.

If the flop gives you nothing or only one helpful card, your chances of hitting your hand are very slim. Check from the early position and hope the rest of the table does the same. If you are in the late position, whether you call a bet depends on if you have gotten one or two helpful cards on the flop. One card leaves you with the daunting task of having to hit on the next two cards. You should just hope everyone checks. The hand is not worth putting money into. If you got two helpful cards on the flop, calling a small bet would not be out of the question. You are one card away from a potentially big payday.

If you hit your hand on the flop, try not to give the round away for free. Make a small bet (one or two times the big blind). Not only will you be telegraphing weakness if doing this from the late position, but you will still be getting money into the pot. If a few of your opponents have made pairs or sets, they will probably not abandon the hand in the face of small bet. If you are working from the early position, simply check. Chances are a few people will follow suit, with the person in the late position trying to scare people out of the hand with a bet. This is especially true if a face card in on the table.

If players have put in money all the way to the turn, start to put the hammer down. A few players may match your aggression to protect their investment in the pot. This is especially true in online poker. If you have the fish hooked to his point, there is a good chance they will stay on the line to the very end. In live poker many may bail on the hand.

Of course this strategy doesn’t take into account those who will be trying to bluff during a hand of no limit holdem. In that case, it doesn’t really matter what you have.