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Texas Hold’em Strategy – Changing the Dynamic of a Poker


Today’s Texas Hold’em Strategy is about blocking your opponent. In football, if you need a block, there is usually hyper-aggressive fat ass that is more than happy to level a linebacker and give you a free path to the end zone. This is not so in the worlds of live poker and online poker. While there is no shortage of fat asses in poker, most of them want no part of blocking for you. This is something you have to do for yourself during a poker hand. Those who want to clear a little room for their hole cards can employ the blocking bet.

Before describing what a blocking bet is, first we need to outline the problem. If you are in an early position, you are, from a poker strategy standpoint, at a bit of a disadvantage. Most of the players get to react to what you do. This usually paralyzes the players in the early position unless they have extremely powerful hole cards. With a middling poker hand, they wind up calling the blinds, and praying the late players go easy on them. There is a way to occasionally turn the tables on the late position folks during live poker or online poker. That is to proffer a blocking bet.

From your early seat, you not just call the blinds, but put in a bet. Theoretically you are putting in one that is not as big as the bet you would expect from the late position player. Contrary to how late position people play their hands; they don’t always have great cards. A Big bet against a table full of callers is just a poker strategy to shove people out of the hand. Your out of position bet forces them to make betting decision based on their cards, not their perception of the tables weakness. A good percentage of the time they will call your bet. In that case you get to see the flop for the price you set, instead of having to let them decide the cost of the next three cards.

While the blocking bet can be effective, this Texas holde’em strategy is less effective against loose players.