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Playing Poker Hands from the Middle Seat

Today’s Texas Hold’em Strategy is about hand selection when you are playing from the middle position. Most poker players are familiar with what when playing poker hands from an early or late position. If you are playing in a proper, ten person game, and you occupy one of the first 5 seats, the prevailing poker strategy is to play like a frightened idiot. If you are in one of the last two seats you go at it with all the aggression of “Picket’s Charge” or the “Charge of the Light Brigade” (but without all the death and humiliation). When playing casino poker or online poker, what to do from the middle three seats is less known and not as well documented.

When putting together a middle seat poker strategy, somebody should start with a list of hole cards that are playable from that position. Conventional wisdom regarding poker hands and position says the following cards can and should be played from a middle seat.
Pairs: 8/8 – A/A
Unsuited: A/J, A/10, K/Q, A/Q
Suited: A/T - A/K, K/T - K/Q, Q/J, Q/T, J/T, J/9, T/9, 9/8

Poker Players should consider the hole cards mentioned above as guidelines for what they should play. Absolute adherence to that list in casino poker or online poker will make somebody very tight and predictable. Deviate from the list as the situations warrant, but don’t throw the list out. The hands mentioned above represent a middle seat norm that should be the bedrock of your middle seat play.