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Poker and the Theory of Opposite Processes

It might seem confusing, but the theory of opposite processes has very useful applications for poker game. The reason why this happens is the fact that emotions are essential when playing poker. Emotions are what can let your opponent know of your hand and vice versa. This is why every poker player tries to hide his emotions and read the opponents’ thoughts.

Mainly, this theory sustains that we have pair emotions consisting of a positive emotion and a negative one. When you experience one emotion, the other one is suppressed. This is the mechanism that can be very beneficial when playing poker.

At poker, you have a problem when you make three bets as a bluff or a semi-bluff. This situation generates fear – fear of losing money or fear of being eliminated from the poker tournament. However, the opponents should not understand your actions and this is why you cannot let your feelings be easily read by them.

Instead of thinking about that, you should better think about the emotion you have when you win and therefore turn your brain towards positive thinking. Also, use the same mechanism in order to not let your opponents know when you have a good hand so that they will continue to bet, this way increasing the pot.