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Reasons Not to Be a Passive Poker Player

An impressive number of poker players consider that when they don’t have a strong hand that can assure them an undeniable victory, then it isn’t worth playing. Very often they choose to fold their cards, or just check or call the bets their opponents have made in the attempt of not losing money. This exaggerated caution, instead of helping, often costs these players a great deal of money: they lose in favor of players with far weaker hands than their own but with more courage of playing those cards.

When an aggressive player identifies a passive one he will do whatever he has to do in order to eliminate him from the game unless he is interested in letting him keep playing to call his bets.

 The real problem with passive players is that they don’t have enough courage to fight for their hands: they seem to lack the force of betting and bluffing and holding on as they should do in order to get the big pot.

This is why it isn’t recommended for poker players to adopt a passive poker  strategy: if you’re in for the money or just for the sake of playing, then you have to do your best to get it. Don’t back out, don’t fold your cards, just get in there and win.