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How to Play the Final Poker Table

When the tournament gets to nine players you should think about what your goals are. Your main goal is to win, but how will you do that? How will you play? Now, that you got to the point where money really matter, any place that you climb is important. Therefore, you want to play better than before in order to win the tournament and so, to win the money.

Firstly, see who has the bigger stack and compare it with yours. Let’s assume that you have a medium stack and some players have lower stacks than yours. Typically, the player that has the most chips will try to eliminate the ones that are short on chips.

This player is the one that took the most pots during the poker game and the leader will do everything to take out of the game the players that are short on chips. Your goal is for those that have short stacks to be taken out of the game before you begin playing your hand. If you want to win, then this is the first thing that you should think about.

The best thing to do is to play your good hands and avoid being too aggressive. You will find that you will easier win if you go for this strategy, as your stack has the best chances to increase, while the short stacks will decrease.