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Facts about Playing Short Stack

Poker players have various opinions on playing short stack at the poker table. While some agree and practice this strategy, others can’t stand the idea of short stack players.

Short stack refers at choosing to place small amounts of money for the buy-ins when starting a game. The reason for the controversy related to it is given by the fact that many of those that choose to play use strategy usually leave the poker table and move to a different one as soon as they double their buy-ins.

While playing for short stacks can be a quite profitable system for those that practice it, it has a lot of disadvantages as well. Short stack strategy is not recommended for those that wish to improve their game play abilities because the fluctuations are greater than in other situations, which makes it hard to learn how to plat the real poker game as a professional. Playing this way means that you will have less information about your adversaries and you will not learn anything about the post flop game. The result is that you will only limit your poker knowledge instead of improving your skills.

The best choice for poker players is to only try short stack strategy when they are already experienced or at least, not on a regular basis.