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7 Card Stud

7Card Stud Rules

The purpose of the poker game is to form the best possible combination of five cards by using the seven individual cards, 3 faced down and 4 faced up. Faced up cards are visible to all the competitors, this way they being able to make an idea on what combination of cards you may have in your hand.

The Ante

In 7 card poker game, ante replaces the blind. This is a forced bet paid by all the players from the table to create a minimum pot for the game.

Once the ante is paid, the first cards are distributed: two faced down and one faced up.

The Bring

Bring is a forced bet as well that the player who has the lowest faced up card should make during the first betting round. This forced bet can be replaced with a normal bet, double as value, if the player wishes so.

After the closing of the bets, another faced up card is distributed to the players. A new betting round begins, and this time the player with the best combination of the two faced up cards is the one to bet first.

After the closing of the bets, another faced up card is distributed to the players. A new betting round follows and a new faced up card is distributed to the players. Then follows another betting round and the last faced down card is distributed. Once this is done, the final betting round begins and then the showdown follows it.

The player that has the best combination of five cards out of the seven individual cards is the winner.

In case two or more players have the same wining combination, the pot is equally shared between them.

7card Hi/Lo Rules

7Card HI/Lo poker game is a variation of the 7Card game, its particularity being that the players want to acquire both the highest valued hand as well as the lowest possible hand (there is the possibility for the lowest and the highest hands to be both acquired by the same player), using two of the individual cards and 3 of the commune cards. The lowest hand cannot always be realized (the biggest card of the combination should be 8), in which case the player with the highest valued combination wins the entire pot.

The betting rounds are the same as with 7card.

At the Showdown half of the pot can go to the player with the lowest combination, and the other half to the player with the highest combination.