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HORSE-Mixed Poker Games

H.O.R.S.E. is an acronym representing the combination between more poker games in the following order: Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi/Low, Razz (also known as 7 card stud low), Stud (meaning 7 card stud high) and Eight-or-better (which is a combination between the last two games: 7 card stud high-low).

Why chose mixed poker games – HORSE

When it comes to poker games on high stakes on casinos, players choose most of the time to play a combination of poker games instead of only one type. This way, the advantage of a player that is specialized on a specific poker game gets reduced, allowing poker players to use their knowledge on a larger area of poker games (usually experimented players can deal with this situation).
The general opinion is that HORSE poker games, as other mixed games, are the most suitable to appreciate the real value of a poker player. HORSE was highly promoted since recently, especially now when HORSE tournament was introduced for WSOP, an event that has the highest buy-in, of $50,000. At the moment, some HORSE phases are also included within The World Championship of Online Poker. These aspects make HORSE be one of the most popular mixed games variations at the present.

How to play HORSE

HORSE is usually based on a round of each of the games that composes it. The order used for playing the rounds is the pone given by the name. Once the Eight-or-better round is over, the game continues from the start, with Hold’em and so on. You can know at any moment what round of the poker game is by consulting the title bar of the poker table you play at.
When the rounds pass from Omaha hi/lo to Razz, the button will have the last position occupied until that moment, considering that Stud games don’t require for a button player. This way, when the game goes back to Limit Hold’em round, no one avoids paying the blinds and no one pays the blinds more than the other players at the table. All HORSE poker games are played in limit system – there are no pot-limit or no-limit HORSE games. The stake that is played at the beginning is usually maintained during the entire game.
This game is very interesting in comparison with playing one specific type of poker. It also has a variation, named HOSE as it is composed of the poker games mentioned above, excluding the Razz game. HORSE game allows a getting out from the monotony of more usual poker games.